Welcome to Winehouse

As in every metropolis - from Berlin to New York, from Milan to Paris - Naples too could not lack a symbolic place where gastronomy and art are the rule, one of the main attractions of a city that is increasingly open to the world. The ideal place where finally Neapolitans can meet in the evening, but also for the many foreigners who, in addition to the architectural and landscape beauties of our city, ask for a nice place to live in the evening, where they can listen to music while tasting great wines with high quality cuisine.


Our Philosophy

Tradition and simplicity of flavors; fusion between past and present of the Mediterranean soul are the essence of our cuisine. A philosophy based on the continuous search for high quality raw materials, preferring local products, especially partenopei, mixed with those from the rest of Italy.

Ciro Salatiello is an experienced and long-term cook, author of brilliant ideas, including two books.

But how did his dedication to cooking come about?

"Curiosity turned into passion, everything started with a trip to middle school, we went to visit a hotel school, I was thrilled and decided to venture into this new world. After graduation, I entered the world of work passing from the worst realities, from which I have drawn great advantages, to the best ones, that have only improved my professional path.
The first recipe? I remember that the teachers taught us the classic cuisine and I made a baked macaroni pie, the name of the recipe was just like that, the sauces were the bolognese and the béchamel sauce."

Its cuisine is known and appreciated not only for its connection to family traditions, but also for being inspired by gastronomic uses
of different countries thus bringing together different cultures in a single original culinary identity.


Upcoming events

Winehouse is also a reference point for every other form of art, from painting to photography and to cinema. Just as in the most solid European tradition, as a meeting point for artists, gallery owners, filmmakers and people of culture from all over the world. The space, not surprisingly, will dialogue with film and recording production companies, but also publishers, to establish itself as a partner open to culturale initiatives, just as it happens in major capitals around the world.